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Locked in, Locked out by a Strand of Hair and More illuminates the destruction of life in every area which stems from the lack of knowledge. A hair stylist writes about her observations to the damages of curly hair types and the conversations of those in and around her chair. Using the losses of tightly waved hair, in a parable, she shows the illusion of misguided information and the suffering it causes to those who follow. Her conclusion is that all destruction stems from the lack of knowledge which teaches sound doctrines of truth. The absence of truth affects the young and becomes the adult behavior. Because of deteriorated behaviors, wrong information feed into society bringing much tarnish to the soul of humanity. This situation has caused many to ask: What is going on? Seeing such sadness has caused the stylist to seek answers, only to discover that there is a detachment from fundamental values of the Holy Scriptures. These principles were designed to be the fabric of society. They will keep peace among all who care to listen. The stylist quickly concluded again that the healing balm is within those pages of knowledge. It is in the transforming of the mind that these problems will be solved, and it is there all must return to recapture what is missing and so yearningly desired.

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